Sep 4, 2008

Please Vote for my Friend Kat

Please Vote for my Friend Kat as the best bartender in Atlanta. It's easy. Two clicks, you don't even have to sign up.

Click link, and click Kat, from Neighbor's Pub on the right poll list.

Vote for Kat

Kat's my internet friend. We've met once before at the Atlanta Indie Craft Experience when I used to sell shirts.

She makes and sells soap.

She writes blogs. If you know where to look, she also writes thoughtful personal blogs that are very insightful and well written.

She's also very hot.

Also... likes cats.


kat said...

If I could hire you to replace the fears and insecurities that sometimes consume my internal dialogue, I totally would.

I <3 ;j

alanbernard said...

voted... look's like she's winning by a landslide 86% eh? ;)

Because she likes cats. :)

Andrea said...

I love soap! And anyone who loves cats is cool with me. :)