Sep 4, 2008

Now that it's safe... & Cats, Awesome Cats

Now that it's safe to hate George W. Bush, because the majority of the US think he's an idiot, etc, etc...

I like him.

Listen to

He loves his cats... ;j

New Design

I found this entertaining. It's absurd.


Godmachine said...

i always knew george bush loved cats- by the way he drops dogs.

hellow Jim. glad you are keeping up the non-smoking deal- remember- picture yourself as a non-smoker- see it- visualise it- its an old mind trick and it should work even more so for someone who deals with images - do eeeet

eyeslikesugar said...

I can't trust anyone who says things like:

"More and more of our imports come from overseas." =S

Love the shirt, and so many congrats on the non-smoking journey. You've convinced me that, when it's time.. I'll be doing what you are. :)


jimiyo said...

GM: word!

ELS: you should do it today! it takes a couple weeks to get going anyways. doctor visit, prescription fill, delay until drug starts working.

i would say the side effects are minimal. i dont even have weird dreams anymore. and the irritability i think is short term, similar to nicotine withdrawl, and also i think i tend to be a bitchy anyways.

if you can quit smoking, you can do anything i think... or at least i hope. nicotine is supposed to be one of the most difficult to break addictions.

im gonna be an astronaut! jk.

but mostly anything is possible.