Sep 19, 2008

New Year's Resolution 2009

It's about time to start thinking about 'em... What's yours?

I found my 2008 resolutions. I have exceeded some goals, neglected some, and discredited the need for others.

Red is accomplished, orange is partial attainment. I will probably neglect half of the unaccomplished ones.

"Win a contest or two" gave me a chuckle.

"Transfer 401K." This one burned my ass. After leaving, they locked the fund allocations, so I have not been able to divest from obvious funds that having been tanking for over 2 years now. It like watching money disappear.

I'm glad to have found these. It's amazing that what you think you can't do, you will do, and it will be done very easily.

Maybe if I imagined my arms to be longer, I might think about trying to reach higher?


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Andrea said...

You can't roll your old 401k into an IRA? I did that with one of my old ones. How can they legally keep you from your own money? You might look into setting up a roth IRA, you'll pay taxes on the rollover (what's left of it), but any distributions you take down the road will be tax free, and you can take the money out for certain situations (like buying a house I think) without any penalties.
I never make resolutions. Just always thought they were a waste of time, like if they are really important resolutions, why wait till new year to make them? And if they aren't important resolutions, what's the point anyway?