Sep 18, 2008

I give up. No, Retitle: I absolve my intentional efforts to manipulate fate.

Give up sounds defeatist, which I am not.
I did everything I could without burning myself out.
Collision Theory's been in number one since day one.
I moved up to #2 with all the my efforts, and I'm back down to fourth again.
It was a good, no great, effort... I did Fight the Good Fight.

Anyways, for those of you that read my blog, that voted, thank you. All those that didn't vote, it's your fault. :) All the emails/comments/etc, has really helped me feel secure in being an artist.

I can feel that you guys really believe that I can make it, and I hope I can one day, reach some sort of above average success with my craft. If I do, it will mainly be because of your support. I will strive to do my best to see that your support is not in vain.

Thank You


The first person to email me at my jimiyo at yahoo dot com "I want those damn sketches" who has fulfilled the contest criteria of voting and commenting under my design, will be the winner of these sketches. YOU HAVE TO USE THOSE WORDS EXACTLY.


Oh my... this made me cry from laughter.

Language NSFW


"I was never cool in school, I'm sure you don't remember me."

2nd Most Hip Yo, out of 56,000+ members.

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Andrea said...


I missed the teefury shirt dang it all.