Sep 10, 2008

How to Become an Illustrator

Similar purpose for my blogging. To show how it was done... for me, IS being attempted to be done.

Quite interesting. Has a very brief, but concise description of what occured to her road to becoming an illustrator, and becoming a freelancer.

I suppose I find it interesting because next year, I want to phase out contests. I enjoy competing but with it comes the knowledge that it's based on marketing and being able to fit within a market. Although I don't want to have to deal with directors that tell me what to do, which contests help me to allude, I feel I need to get into a more professional market, but more importantly something that will have more secure means of obtaining higher income. Higher income is just a theory, but it does stand true that with the clients I have, although I have to crunch out a higher number of work, I get paid per piece, and it's guaranteed.

I don't know. Im really gonna have to start thinking about what my plan is for the next year. I wish I could have the discipline to knock out stock images/vector for the year, but I feel that would really be a drag, although the potential for passive income longterm could be quite substantial if done correctly. And if done for the whole duration of the year, I would certainly get to know what is needed for success.

Dont know...

BTW, I don't feel like working and I'm moody, so I doubt any art updates will occur... until the end of the DBH contest. ;j


I'm still a non smoker from using Chantix. I had an awesome dream today, although it's hard to express the lifelike experience that went on, but

I was in a small pool that had no bottom.

There were several killer whales deep at the bottom illuminated from the light above.

And giant tortoises among where I swam with long tendrils of seaweed floating down from their bodies.

The pool was located within a small Jiffy Lube.

... I write many long emails I never send.


ameeeee said...

Hey Jimi, thanks for that link! I'm about halfway through, but it's a great read so far. Have you ever heard of Graeme Base? Insanely good books I enjoyed as a child. This one called the Eleventh Hour was my favourite, and it had this whole mystery thing etc. I'm not selling it very well - but there's some great art in them!

Brad Blackman said...

I think that dream is your subconscious telling you it's time to change your oil. ;-)