Sep 12, 2008

Free Animal Vectors via GoMedia

GoMedia.Us was kind enough to distribute some free vectors I created so it might help me garner some more votes for my DBH contest entry.

PLEASE VOTE FOR DBH $10,000 Contest Entry!

The vectors are a mix bag of deer, antlers, other animals and some paisley. Enjoy!

Protest the Hero also has agreed to help by asking their fans to support. It's been quite awesome how they've been kind and interested to help. I designed a shirt for them for the late 08 season a couple weeks ago.

Woot will be printing a shirt of mine in the future, and they will also help. I'm excited to bash my own shirt once they print it. I can already imagine the nay sayers, "Oh come on woot, another ______ shirt? No thanks!"

I still have a decent chance at the DBH 10K. I forgot that the most popular list is not necessarily who has the most votes. It seems to be based on which entries have the most votes the quickest. So for the first day or two, I assume I had a continuous stream of votes, dropped down, then now I'm back again for another influx of votes.

Curse you Hope! Thou let not me sleep!

I actually tore myself from my computer and decided to visit my parents about 3-4 hours away, so I wouldnt have the computer whispering to me to check every 3 minutes while I tried to sleep.

Also, I hate Glenn Beck. He definitely has a tilt on his "news", and excuse me, I enjoyed Oceans 12, Oceans 13, and thought the Bourne Identity movies were awesome. Those commentators were ridiculous. Matt Damon was totally spot on about Palin.

I'm irritated I have let the media coverage about the Presidential election set my agenda. I usually never care about them, because since I don't millions of dollars in my pocket, I really have no power to change the government. Still, I suppose it's good conversation fodder...

Cheers and have a Great Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Gl jimmy,
MAtt damon video is ace..haha dinosaurs ))))

artulo said...

Thanks for the free vector set, J! Good luck on the 10k...if you don't win I hope they print one of yours anyhow.