Aug 25, 2008

Live Valiantly Update

If you have any suggestions on a revised title, I'm looking for something shorter, and easier to understand. I thought maybe Live Intently. Don't want to do Carpe Diem, but something along that line.

Nowhere near done with the lineart, but I started playing with the colors. I like the far right.

Chantix Day 7:

I'm INCREDIBLY irritable today.
Tomorrow, per instructions, I attempt to stop smoking.


kat said...

I'm having a shit ass day too. It must be in the southern air.

ameeeee said...

It's in the southern land air too :(

Well, I agree that the R colour combo is kickaaaass.

sam said...

"no fear"


i guess i'm wondering what any of the words (title or on the banner) mean to the content of the piece?

i'm liking the composition in the middle but the colors on the right