Aug 24, 2008

Chantix Day 6: Animated Short

Chantix Day 6

I can confidently say that the medication has started to work. Smoking has started to feel like just blowing smoke in and out, no pleasurable taste, almost annoying effort to have to breath in and out. It seems to be at the peak times after that I have taken the medication that the drug is most effective. Fortunately, week two increases the dosage, so throughout the whole day, if I am to smoke, it will have the same effect.

*** OK, now I'm 150% sure it's working. There is no pleasure whatsoever from smoking. It's actually a pretty odd experience. Almost frustrating...

I had another dream.

This one was animated like a cartoon, in the styling of the Simpsons.

A girl and boy were kissing. The girl looks like Lisa Simpson, slightly different, but with the signature Matt Groening cartoon mouth. The boy seemed to have the bully-ish appearance of Calvin from Calvin and Hodges. As they kissed their mouths with round lips morph into puzzle shapes and merged as they became a three eyed merged image while they kissed.

The girl said excitedly, "How long have we been going out?"

The boy said, "Well, I only usually go out with girls for three weeks, and it's been approximately 2.9 weeks" as he reached with a finger towards his eye.

He flicked a single tear, and as the tear undulated like mosquito larvae in stagnant water through the air towards the girls face, he walked away.

It hit her face, proper story frown.

And the phone rang and I woke up.

There other events in my dream that were not animated, but seen as real life imagery, but I don't recall them well. Mainly hiding from someone in an old stone building like those you see in WWII films where the sniper sits in the top of a bell tower, with ladders, wooden doors, broken plaster.

I hope to get some art done this week. I haven't worked on anything except separation files for Protest the Hero, and for the client that bought the 6 designs.

The PTH shirt is official though. They've paid me, so all they have to do is print and sell it. 50 cool points for me as the cool brother for working with a moderately well known band, and designing a shirt that attained shirt of the day at

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ameeeee said...

Congratulations on Protest the Hero Jimi - hopefully brings in more bacon for you. I love bacon.