Aug 21, 2008

Live Valiantly Update

Gonna have to put this on pause for a couple days.

Luke from Protest the Hero contacted me about doing a design. A few months ago, Arif, contacted me, but we were unable to reach a compromise on a price. Now we have. I'll be revamping a 2006 design I did, and it fits perfectly with some of their lyrics. I think doing the design will earn me some cool points with the younger generation familiar with their music, as well as labels that may be interested in design work. They don't seem to pay much because it seems less experienced artists are willing to cut their prices for the prestige of working with a well known band or label. I think that cheapens the value of artwork, but I guess that's all part of the game. Fortunately having been paid an average of $500-$3500 for one design at different contests, I have a big enough head, I usually don't sell out for cheap too much. If I win that $10,000 DBH contest, my head will explode.

My Lion design was rejected because I sent the wrong image files, so it should be up for voting in a few days.

That will make 7 entries so far. I would like to finish 10, but a possible client might need some work sooner than the end of the month. I think realistically, without killing myself, Im already tired and mentally drained, I can hit 9. I can finish Live Valiantly, which I think will be ignored by the voting community, and I have one more gimmicky idea I can crunch out in a day. I have a collaboration that might get done before the deadline, but I also have an unsubmitted/unsold design available to upload as well.

I want to hit 10. It's a good even number.

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