Aug 20, 2008

Chantix Day 2 & Please Vote

Chantix Day 2: I don't know if it's the medication, but yesterday I had no appetite, and this morning when I went to bed, I had a succession of odd feeling dreams on the verge of nightmares... a sense of being in danger. WHICH WAS AWESOME! lol. I usually don't remember dreams, but if my sleep is interrupted by half waking moments, it seems I remember them. I havent been getting a good nights sleep lately because I've been anxious about how my DBH 10K entries is being received as well as waiting for communications from clients, in general a higher sense of have-to-dos. Some more submissions went through today. Please vote if you like em!

I think they rejected my lion design. It's alright. After going back and looking at the photos I used to reference from, although I didn't trace, it does look too much like the main reference which was Aslan from Narnia.

I think I landed a huge client today.

This one's doing real well.

These are not.

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