Jul 15, 2008

ThreadlessKids Entry & New WIP: Mother of Pearl

I've decided to put the second TLKids idea on the backburner until I see the results of the first two. (All I have to say is... Sippy Cup. Chuckle.) I have 4 submissions to Threadless currently pending approval. If the work is not received well, I will have to reconsider submitting to Threadless too often. I feel at least two of the submissions I have made so far this year would have been a solid contenders for print elsewhere. Although it would be nice to get printed at Threadless, it's not a priority if I'm submitting top notch work that gets overlooked. Does that come off as a prima donna?

There hasnt been much art production today. I stewed about ordering screen prints of Eat Drink Be Merry v2, along with pricing stickers, shipping material and shirts.

Work in progress.

Threadless Kids Entry #2

Sticker 4.75 x 2.25

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