Jul 16, 2008

New Design WIP: Mother of Pearls & Maybe Future Collab

I've asked another designer to collab with me. It's still in discussion, but let me say this now, if it comes to fruition, it will be awesomez! Hint: Woot. DBH. Uneetee. (Yeah, it's a very vague hint.)


Tentative title. Prolly for smaller contest site like wooshka.com, fairandbare, or similar.

Now comes the boring part of rendering the lineart.


To Finish or Not Finish?

Started before I left the ranch. It's decent, but I don't know if it's worth it to finish.

You tell me.


ameeeee said...

Do it Jimi!

PS - Can the other readers of this blog post comments occasionally. I feel like a stalker!

Alan said...

I always enjoy your work, but like you stated... it doesn't have the impact that you produce. I would say chalk it up as R&D.

Mother of Pearls is quite intriquing though.