Jul 7, 2008

Out of Town & Works in Progress

Probably gonna print Eat Drink Version 2 myself.


sam said...

body and blood of christ. amen.
makes me think of communion at church

kat said...

I thought that said "Fat Drunk". Partially because of the way I think and partially because I know how great your sense of humor is.. oops.

jimiyo said...

Dang. Glad you said something, I messed up, I forgot the dotted i... Fat Drunk is swellworth awesome. I should fix the E too eh? Are you really gonna move to CO? Can I come with...? Jokes. I guess. hehehe.

sam :)

Anonymous said...

what colors do you plan on using for the eat drunk design?

jimiyo said...

taddict: i was going to print on black or creme and keep it simple. not much color. tattoo shirt style. if color most likely tonal. what are you thinking? im open to ideas.

i think i am gonna take the risk and print Meet Me as well... that one on blue.

kat said...

Yes, I'm really gonna move. Where to has not been decided yet, nor when. Maybe in a year, maybe in three. Unknown. Like most stuff.