Jul 5, 2008

New Something

I dont like doodle design, but Im trying my hand at one anyways. Seems popular, although that's not a reason to do one. Better to do it so I can somehow solve the compositional challenge of integrating unrelated objects and merging them into a pleasing composition. Included in that challenge is having a good balance of scale of the objects within the design. There has to be some sort of realism, IMO unless it's all abstract, to create an interesting cohesive image. By scale, I feel like in this image, http://www.jimiyo.com/2008/Qumran.jpg, I failed somewhat. The clouds seem like they are much smaller in scale than the other obejcts. The details are too small/rich, where as the details elsewhere are larger, of bigger scale. ALthough I wont, to fix this, I should rid the clouds of a little more detail. Otherwise the whole image is cluttered with too much, like it isnt already. ;j

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