Jul 1, 2008

New Women's Design WIP - Schweet!

If you have boobs, not man boobs, please feel free to critique this design. I would greatly appreciate it. Colors, etc. I'm not sure what a woman wants. Im really stoked about the bird expressions though. Really happy birds.

* Next project will involve a skull. Gonna try to do an epic one so I can snag a spot in the next limited edition booklet from http://www.iwantyourskull.com



kat said...
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kat said...

Sorry, my grammar seemed to escape me last time I tried to comment. What I meant was, I like the design, I like the pink, but something makes it seem more like it's for a child rather than an adult but I don't exactly know why. I hope that helps rather than hurts. xo.

jimiyo said...

Ahhh, person with boobs. I agree, it does seem too cutesy. I was trying to go all Suicide Girls, Cupcakes and Sparrow tattoos, but without using the imagery straight from the source. I also had that ribbony crap like on that dominatrixy clothing. I dunno. Gonna put this on the back burner. Start like 4 and work on em all at once. Thanks for the input!

ameeeee said...

Hey Jimi, I agree with Kat on it being a bit too cutesy.. I think it's really hard to figure out what a man wants to wear..so perhaps think about what you would like to see a women wear.

Those sparrows are damn cute btw!

Zenne said...

Well, being as I hardly understand women in the first place you can take my thoughts with caution... :)

It kind of comes off as a mockery of all things cute if it's aimed at an adult women audience, like an overload of every stereotype you can think of, lol. It does seem a little more like a girly kid's shirt (0-6 or 7ish) as well.

jimiyo said...

dang. guess delia's isnt a good place to get inspired... you gals are all on my shit list. JOKES JOKES. thanks for commenting.

MAYBE a change in color might help?

Goth it up a bit?

Here's partial inspiration.


kat said...

Yuck. I hate the inspiration. You did wonders considering.

I love your style, remember that shirt that you don't print anymore with the girl's profile with the flowing hair and the bird? I wear that shit all the time. I like the incorporation of birds, I like pink (could be part of the design rather than shirt color) but I think if you just take your style and make subtle changes rather than smacking peeps upside the head with girlie-ness, you'll be right on the mark. Trust your style.

ameeeee said...

Mmm, I can't handle the inspiration either..haha.. I like pink too - but less "baby pink" - I also say trust your style. I personally tend to avoid shirts designed specifically for women like the plague. Good luck Jimi! It's hard to please us ladies.

Andrea said...

I am confused as to which way the design will look since the detail is reversed from the shirt view. I will agree with the 'too cutesy' comments, sorry. Personally, what I'd like best on my boobs is the bellydancer you started below. Please? Pretty please? Cuz it's awesome?

andrea said...

p.s. love the birds though. :)

jimiyo said...

Hey Andrea,

Thanks for the input. I guess I wont be printing that one myself. Will modify it though. Dont know to what.

Sorry, I dont think I answered your que about the belly dancer tee.

It's sold altered to a client. As far as when it will be available, I don't think the client will be ready to print until next year, or at least several months from now.

;) xoxox!

andrea said...

Well hopefully they'll let you know so you can post it, if its generally available to buy that is. :)