Jun 28, 2008

Meet Me Final

Finished except for possible colorways.

* Next project will involve a skull. Gonna try to do an epic one so I can snag a spot in the next limited edition booklet from http://www.iwantyourskull.com


Dan said...

I like the way this one turned out. Those prisms at the bottom are really sweet and that drip effect reminds me of The Matrix.

Are you going to print this one yourself like you mentioned or at some site?

kat said...

I likes, I likes. I like the blue & purple and the aqua on black. Do you ever make tank tops for girls? You should and then you should list them on your etsy ad then I can buy.

jimiyo said...

dan: im not sure. it would be a more expensive shirt than ive printed before. guess im scared to take the money risk, although it takes money to make money. also, if i want to win one day at threadless, i think they'll want to see more effort. community and the people who run it.

kat: ;j only made one tank top ever. that crappy one with the penguins. its hard to find one without a low neck. lower necks are hard to design for because the design ends up on the belly. not sexy.

Anonymous said...

your in the next IWYS issue too huh ;) GM