May 6, 2008

Viking Kittens overtake the Dragon Overlord &Thoughts

Entry one for The booty is $2000 so I'd like to crunch out a few more... different styles. Different concepts.


I think in my pursuit of becoming an artist, and self promotion, Im starting to go overboard, starting to become I, I, I, me, me, me. A little of it I would assume is necessary, but I wish I could somehow not use the word I when talking about my art/endeavors. Also I notice I am always trying to one up everything. Jokes especially. I'm always waiting for the perfect entry for a joke. Hrm... I was at my younger brother's wedding announcement party the other day, and the step dad of the future wifey, came over to talk to me. He knew I was the artist. So he was seemingly genuinely intrigued and had questions. I tried to answer as best as I could then, after the questions were answered, there was a strange awkwardness... He started to walk away, but my older brother, who is much better with social graces, asked him what he does. He happily sat down, and talked to us.


I was supposed to ask, but Im stupid like that.

Maybe it's just paranoia, or Im just really excited about what Im doing... because when I have asked other people what excited them, or what makes them happy, they dont know, or have little passion about much. Maybe I am the self centered a-hole that I'm starting to see a paranoid sense of... (See, do you read the sense of haughtiness there... "other people just arent passionate about anything.")

Next week.. Humble week.

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