May 6, 2008

Just like being at my old job...

So the deleted negative comment bubbles up again... Ill delete this later most likely...


Before showing the composition to the actual client, the sales rep, says "I don't get it, change the text."

I called my contact, to be told, well, most likely he will show it to the Walmart buyer, who will then ask for a revision.

Scoff. This also deserves a WTF. I swear, if I wanted to be in that type of environment, I'd go back to working for a company.

It's OK to be told to revise something by a direct client, but to have it art directed by a sales rep or other persons who have no business in making decisions about the art, that Suxxorz. What's worse is apparently he's notorious for not liking art, asking for revisions, BUT THEN having no suggestions or opinions otherwise.

Anyways, my blood pressure is up. I about to kill someboy.

At least its not as bad as my old job, where it was

Operations manager
Print boss
Owner of the company
The buyer
Then Nascar

Where it was only 6-8 other people who might take a stab at my artistic decision before getting to the actual decision maker.

This was a major reason for my leaving my old job. Everybody had their say, everybody's a critic, but they aint the ones holding the money bag.

There are only a few things I hate.

This, and a MAC computer... especially when the icons bounce up and down.


Anonymous said...

that funny, i go through the same thing with every project...we work with wal-mart, best buy, target, office Max ect.

so not only do i have that but about 5 other people over my head...most of witch are not even art people there sales people...So the end product is never what it started as... i feel ya man

Mike M

Mark said...

I hear ya..
I have 5 retail store managers, 1 owner, and 3 outspoken girls that I have to deal with....all for 1 art piece approval....
They'll even request changes on the design that absolutely make no sense at all...just wasting time..

thats the good...

Ever deal with Pacific Sunwear?...
thats a whole other headache..

Hang in there man!..
Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

do mac icons bounce up and down? like, where, on the PC?