May 5, 2008

Thoughts . Postive ones, Then Negative ones were erased.

I really enjoy my life right now. Sitting in my parent's basement, no health insurance, listening to music, making illustrations. Listening to the hamsters chew away at the toilet paper roll I threw in the cage.

Sometimes I get down, but most of the time, it's because I lose faith in what I'm doing.

It's only when I'm really down into the work that I am most happy.

Makin stuff is fun.

Thanks Internet Peeps, and Real Ones.


Dobermann said...

go go Jimmy! :)

Make more tutorials when you get some time for that :)

Thank you!

Zenne said...


Zenne said...

Double heart, jimi! I just saw your last comment on my blog and checked adsense - it turns out your clicks netted $2.11!

kat said...

heart, heart, heart!!!

Shana said...

We heart you too..though I don't see Josh's name. Did you write it with your "special" ink?

Setup85 said...

Pretty much what im doing haha sitting in my parents house designing. I love it!

ameeeee said...

Hey hey Jimi!