Apr 24, 2008

Tattoo-ish Design Update & Threadless Reject & Im a winner!

I got a rejection letter from Threadless for the American Heros Are U Ready to Rock shirt. Apparently copyrighted material, and pop culture is skirting the legal line, and they dont want to get sued. I was considering creating a vector set from them anyways. It was all hand drawn so, Im not certain of the copyright.

BUT I got an email from elsewhere that said that I won... ;j ZOINk!

It's starting to take shape. Pretty Epic design too. The textures are quite delicious and many in this one. I will probably splash some color in it. I'm not sure which contest site would be best suited for this design, but Im not in a hurry. Man, once I throw some highlights in it, its gonna Pop. I was starting to doubt this design too. It was too typical, and I didnt really feel like going the extra mile, but I went ahead and created the carp and clouds, and zinged it up with some textures in the water. Someone critiqued that the water swoosh was killing the flow so I took the swoosh over the tiger out. He is the focal point. Blah... I'm still gonna work on it some more. Just wanted to post it, just in case I get too tired in the late morning.

I think Im going to call it "Keep a Fierce Soul," something like that.

Gettin Yummy!

I think this puppy's gonna be full color, so it's gonna have to be a DBH or Threadless submission. Most likely DBH because this isn't your typical Threadless design, and no other contest sites I am aware of do full color besides them.

Im excited.

I've been quite stubborn in going against the trends of the apparel market. The trend is tending to be very colorful and bright. Most likely as printing techniques and technology improves, its cheaper to make full color designs like this. That's my take on it. DBH certainly knows how to push the boundaries too. I wonder if thy are going overseas, or if they have an American company print it.

Meh. Sleepy.

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Ameeee said...

Jimiyo, this is starting to look really fricking cool!