Apr 24, 2008

Obstacle & New Design: I Am Eternally Grateful

Started a new design. Im going to finish up the Tattoo Design soon, but I wanted to get this on paper before it left me. Shirt.woot.com is having a contest with the theme "Mother." I doubt I will finish before the deadline, and besides, my stuff doesn't win over there. Cute and clever does. So Im going to finish this one up, maybe submit it, but only for marketing sake, then resubmit it after the 60 days design prison. Although if it ends up being mid week by the time its done, I might not submit it all. Maybe Uneetee, or DBH. I could possibly look into overseas contest sites like La Fraise. Not sure.


I REALLY want to pursue contest winning full time, but one of my clients is in need of some serious work. It is at the ground level of what I feel might be a start of a successful apparel line, and it affords me pretty decent creative liberty. It's guaranteed income, and I am seemingly one of the only few artists working with them right now, so I could possibly form the entire look of this apparel line. Being that would be the case, it may just as well help me to get exposure beyond the internet. I think both internet, and real world exposure is integral to success. If I take this on, it's gonna be some hot work, so it will be distinct and hard to duplicate...

Hrmm... Dunno.

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Shana said...

Personally, I'd lean more to client work...but that's coming from me, so take it with a chunk of salt. That being said I found this: http://www.pizzaboxidea.com/ mmmmm...pizza.