Apr 9, 2008

Soon the Massive Assault will Begin

The machine will start to churn near the end of April.

It will begin here in the States, where it will make an concentrated three pronged attack on the largest of the arteries.

Once it has infiltrated and assimilated, voracious and zealous, it will spread to Europe, France and Germany.

The first waves will be difficult.

Here's the second raindrop...

Go vote!

I thought it best to submit this to DBH as they are pros on gold foil, and they have a new fabric edition tee to mock it up on. Maybe they'll notice that I am pandering to their business needs. Im sure they need to test out some designs on the new tees.

You've seen the design before. It's been sitting around waiting to be submitted.

Recycling. I thought about offering this as a stock vector design for anyone who wanted it for $50 as a non exclusive editable PSD file. I figure there would be a market for tattoo shops, individuals, bands, etc. If I created it correctly, they should be able to just slap their identity name on it, and print.

Still pondering it... I would think if I had this printed on a nice American Apparel, I could most likely pitch it as wholesale to many stores in Nashville. Meh. This will probably sit around for a long while before I get around to doing anything with it.

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