Apr 9, 2008

New Uneetee Entry - ImogenV3 & Rumplo.com

GeekFactor12 of http://compete-tee-tion.blogspot.com/ told me about Rumplo.com. Similar to Emptees.com, it's a self perpetuating community content driven website where users can submit their own designs for sale to be voted and commented on.

I would presume it's a very sweet machine for the owner to create affiliate credit, or if not, in the future, the site could be used to reap some massive advertising income.

Imagine if everytime the "Buy Now" buttons being pressed from that site, that it creates affiliate credit or income for the owner. Pretty sweet. I wish I was a computer nerd who could write websites. I'd start a clone today. I wonder if there are any other products as ubiquitous as t-shirts that this type of business model/website could be used for...

Anyways, I've revamped the colors on Imogen to be on navy and submitted it to Uneetee.com.

I had considered printing it myself through Black Ink Item, but then I remember, whenever I tried making guy's design, it always flopped, cause guys don't shell out money to buy clothes as much as gals do.

Maybe posters one day... soon.

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