Apr 16, 2008

Design Contest Site Tidbit & Cintiq Delivered! & 1 to go

"I still think it's threadless you can win a ton if your really good. Last year a guy won over 30 grand."

That's exciting. Although if I were to follow that route, threadless.com that is, I would have to significantly change up my style and content to be clever/cute.

With all the design contest sites available, I wonder if 30+ would be possible. Certainly the non winning entries could be resold to customers that would get attracted from being showcased, especially if you win. Everyone loves a winner. ;)

The Cintiq is absolutely a delight to work with... just sketching for a t-shirt design...

*** I've been neglecting my freelance work for several hours now. Cintiq is incredible. I have no buyers remorse whatsoever... For a illustrator, this tool is absolutely the best thing since paper and pencil. It's Nutz. I haven't drawn on paper and pencil in a couple months, and I feel like this is only a step away. It's really gonna step up my game if ever I decide to do pencil and paper again. I'm extremely happy because it's actually making me go back to fundamentals, just digitally. There's no disconnect, except in comparision to p&p its much easier to erase/cleaner, and it does lose a little bit of that natural look, but nothing that a couple natural brushes or a overlay layer with dust and scratches wouldnt emulate. I wish I would have bought this thing many years ago.

This image is just a couple hours of playing around...

I only have one more military design before Im free from any obligations for a while. Im quite excited to work on my own personal designs for contests with the new Cintiq. I have a whole whiteboard full of ideas I want to crunch out. EXCITING!

I don't think Ive been this excited to do my own work in a long while. It will be interesting to see how much I can crank out, if I do... Keep an eye out here, Ill probably be pumping out some MASSIVE works.

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