Feb 22, 2008


Ive been surfing tshirt/skateboard contest sites,

Ill take the risk of the 'artist' finding that I bashed their work by posting links/examples.

Tired of:

crappy flourish and bird silhouettes

crappy autotraced and unclean photo collage
stupid cute monsters a kid could draw
animals that have no sense of anatomy, made 'cool' by stylistic texturing
creepy cartoon people with funky eyes and teeth juxtapoz like it though!
cassette tapes. whats UP with cassette tapes.
boomboxes too. what you stuck in the 80s? cant think an original idea?
crappy hair/swirlies with no complexity/interweaving, etc. anyone can draw that crap.
in general crap

also tired of shoddy leveled photos, obviously ripped from the internet, used as original art.
and same design concept redone, again and again.

I should make an exhaustive list with images, and make a "Top 10 tired designs on contest sites" and submit it to digg. I think it would get dugg. If it was on the right blog, posted by a popular digger, and had a better headline.


manischewitzbacon said...

those are some crappy designs. (except the monsters, I like those, but you can't account for taste)

you could put a positive spin on it like http://websitesthatsuck.com/ - link to bad shirts, talk about what could make them better (like burning them)

make it about helping others with good shirt design.

mike said...

I like your "tired of" list. I was also very happy to find that none of your links ended up looking like things that I design.