Jan 3, 2008

Military Shirt & Freelance Business & FREE EXCEL SPRDSHT

Just typed up my first official invoice to a client today. The total is just as large as a month's worth of paychecks at my last job. Kinda neat to think, I can maybe never work for anyone but myself again.

BTW, here are some Awesome free excel spreadsheet templates. I used some for my 'Invoices.'

The bird vectors are still selling. It's only like 2 sets a week, so it's pretty slow. As far as the hourly compensation I'm up to about $3.34 an hour. It will only take a few more sets to be sold for that statistic to go up. BTW, I spent 50 hours on the product, and I've sold $167 in pocket profit, so 167/50=3.34. It sounds pitiful to earn so little, but it's not crazy to think I will continue to sell at least one a week, if not more, which the ceiling hourly rate is pretty high for a minimal invested amount of time. Being able to work at something, and being able to sell it is also kind of a neat experience. It's all digital... it only exists as 0's and 1's on a computer here and there... Anyways.. Blah blah.

I've started to work on the military shirts. I really like old school tattoo styles, and I think it's still trendy in 2008! ;j

Here's a preliminary workup. Pretty rough, but you get the idea...

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