Jan 31, 2008

2008 New Years Resolutions

Make $24,000 in freelance income. (I know its a low goal. First year of freelance so I dont know the possibilities or lack of. So far, Im already up to ~$5000.)

Transfer Dell 401K into customizable/more flexible retirement plan.

Don't smoke. (So far so good.)

Get published in a major publication.

Website: Get 200+ hits for three consecutive days. (This one is on track... I used to only get 35 on average, but for the last few weeks, its been about 45-68, so around 50 average on a daily basis, EVEN on the weekends.)

Do 15 Vector sets. (2 Down, 13 to go. Id actually like to do 30-40 sets. Im getting faster so its not really that crazy. Although some other things on this list would have to suffer...)

Rodeo Nanton Tee Design

Trek American Tee Design

Official Jimiyo Tshirt Line with hangtag

Win a contest or two

Fine art - Have a piece in an art gallery/show

Go to eye doctor

Go to teeth cleaned

Fill up sketchbook (Approximately 65 pages to go. Im glad I didnt make a goal to draw EVERYDAY... cause thats not really feasible or efficient. I need to work on the computer at times, and then when I need a break, I draw. Its been going pretty good.)

Visit Alabama & Nashville (Soon....)
Go see parents
Go see nashville friends

Hike grand canyon


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kat said...

You should get in touch with my mom. She hikes the grand canyon annually, I think.. I know she hikes canyons in NM anyway. Seriously, she'd love you!