Dec 3, 2007

Word. Gig Landed. Perfect Balance.

I got the gig with Paramount Apparel, and the workload is more than I thought. This is my first large 'professional' gig, and if I do well, they will have more work in the future. Sweetness!

I may not be posting any new work until the weekends. Im not sure, Ill try to squeeze in some things on occasion. Id like to get some passive income going with my vector art to supplement my not so passive income.

Almost done vectorizing the birds though! Ill post a collage once Im done.

** Been a day or two since I've started working on freelance designs. Everything seems to be falling into place. I work a couple hours outside to get some physical exercise, and the rest of the day I work in front of the computer. It's nice to be able to walk away from the computer to get out in the sun, and then come back in and crunch out designs. It seems to be a perfect balance. Can't do that at a regular 9-5.



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