Dec 3, 2007

Birds Composite

You snooze you lose. I didnt get a reply from the first vector distributor after his first initial interest so I sent this to another company. Im moderately positive they will be interested. They already have the payment/commission structure built into their website so, it might be easier.

*** The second company is interested and has sent the contracts in the mail. All I have to do is send them the digital files and snail mail the signed agreement and I'm in business with the passive income from the sales of the vector art. Booyeah!

*** You know what's awesome. I finished a simple design today, and will probably finish another. $300 in one day. Although in the future, I hope to claim more dollars in exchange for my time, it's nice to know, there's a possibility I can use my talents to achieve totally mobility and financial independence from a jobby job.

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