Oct 22, 2007

Vegas, Art, ThisLife.Org, The Wave

ThisLife.Org - I go back and see if they have any new episodes every couple weeks. I found some goodies today. The shows are so poignant, touching, and inspiring. This Life is a wonderful thing sometimes, horrible at times, overall a good thing eh?

341: How to Talk to Kids
All Acts

336: Who Can You Save? Act Three on this one...


Vegas was great. I'm sure it helped being with Judy, but the touristy experience of going through all the casinos was boss, and Cirque Du Soilel - Mystere, I have to say was the most impressive, awesome thing I have seen... Ever? Well worth the ticket cost. We had front row seats so we were a few feet away from the performers at times. Pretty awesome. We are going back in December for the National Rodeo Competition and staying at the Luxor. Tips for travelers... if some people proactively approach you asking "Where are you from?" Their second question will be "You guys married?" Provided you are a couple... Throw them off, soon as you answer where you from, ask them where they are from, or if they are married and keep on walkin... Unless you want to be sold on something... probably a timeshare presentation in exchange for cheap future room rates or some other 'comps.'


Started working on some art, some old stuff never finished and my 'hour of power'.
The title is a joke, but I figure Im going to pump out a 'hour of power' every day for amassing stock clip art. The ranch is still slightly busy so I still havent ramped up the productivity.

King of the Rats
Built them a great city
They praise his name Gui

Im not finished yet, I think Im going to be a castle in the background with rats roaming around, and FOR SURE a blind hairless rat with a comb on his shoulder.


A few miles away from the Paria River Guest Ranch is the world famous 'Wave.' It's a natural mountainous formation created by high winds and erosion. It was alright. Many foreigners come to the area just to see it. Apparently some Swiss guy? wrote a humongous book on it that because very popular in Germany so often there are many many German travelers coming through here. For being so famous, (it was on the Road Atlas cover this year), it wasnt as impressive as you would think to have people come from all over the world to see it. Regardless it was pretty interesting, and it only took 3 miles to get to it. Due to the popularity and the desire by the BLM to keep it protected, you have to enter a lottery to get a permit to hike to it. Only 10 lottery numbers are chosen a day. A traveler told me the other day, there were 58 people trying to get in.

Heres a picture. Ill post more if I ever get around to cropping and editing them.

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