Oct 8, 2007

Linksys WRT54GL - DD-WRT Free Upgrade

The ranch has a WRT54GL wireless router. Apparently you can upgrade the firmware to what the internet says will make it from a $60 to $600 router. I tried it at the ranch at the risk of bricking the router, and it worked. Although I cant really tell where the $540 of value is in it because Im not techy enough to be able to use it. BUT if you have one, you can

1. Increase the wireless signal strength.
2. Easily Port Forward for torrent programs, games, etc.
3. Easily change DCHP ips mixed with static ips.

(Rick... I can download, but I cant upload. I guess Ill be kicked soon...)

Beyond that it seems alot more stable and even daresay faster? to surf.

I havent been on Skype since the satellite connection is so shoddy, it seems to be running better so I might be on in the near future.

Find more information and downloads at dd-wrt.com

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