Sep 16, 2007

Wow. $1000 more bucks!

Copy Paste

Hi jimiyo,

We come to you bearing good news. Your design "Revelations" has been
selected to be one of our Shirt of the Week winners! Congratulations!

As a Shirt of the Week winner you will receive an additional $1,000
cash! Your cash prize will be transferred to you via Paypal within
14 days of the date of this email...

If I could stop time, I would have to say besides my first art show where I sold a painting and all my friends present and past were there, this might be some of the happiest times of my life so far. Im in a beautiful place, Im getting healthy and ripped (not really) working with my hands, my art is to a level where I can go most anywhere, I met a girl and we spent a wonderful couple weeks hiking and enjoying each others company, I rode a motorbike, an old run down Honda XL100s. I had to ride a motorbike on my new years resolutions from back in November. Saw a tarantula in its natural environment, and hrm... hiked my ass off with Rick and Judy.

Life is good.


Shana said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Today, I didn't step in dog poo. Oh, and I saw a bunch of whales out at sea. Same old, same old.

Ty said...

I feel like there should be more hiking going on, c'mon, what gives.

Anonymous said...

congrats jimmy !!!