Sep 27, 2007

New DBH Submission, Nanton Tee, and Blahblah

Utah is still great.

It's getting a little chilly now so jeans and a long sleeve are a good thing in the mornings and nights. The sky is turning more pink, red, and lavendar when the sun goes down. The sky is clear, the air is crisp, and anytime there is a full moon, even at night it's fairly bright.

I haven't really worked much, but amazingly even in the past month, with some luck, Ive already made what I would have made back home at my art position. Of course the contest winnings have helped, but the trickle of t-shirt sales are helping as well.

I've designed a couple new shirts. One for Nanton, I dont know if it will ever get printed, but the design elements can be reused and put in a stock vector set.

The other one is another entry for Design By Humans. I hope it wins, not for the cash, but I've wanted to have this previous skateboard design be put on a shirt somehow. DBH is pretty cool, they use all types of design techniques like reactive dye, patchwork, foil, etc. I'd like to see this one in reactive dye and as a overprint on the collar and shoulders.


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Anonymous said...

Cute girl, at first I thought she was hopping on 1 leg because she only had 1 leg and I felt a little sad, but I think I see some toes so maybe she is hopping on 1 leg but not because she only has 1 leg? Hope so anyway, or else I should have just kept my thoughts to myself, well probably should have anyway.

Hope you're enjoying it