Aug 22, 2007

Im a Winner

I can't tell you which art contest, but I won $500 and some product credits.

Boo yeah.

On my way to Utah, I met a man who works for a company developing other companies. We got to talking and he was seriously interested in my abilities for freelance.

Everything is going well.


Anonymous said...


well done jimi - congrats!


Anonymous said...

Word, I think your immediate story is a hell'uva selling point too. Following everything you're doing etc... and if you were to describe something and post the image in your mind via whatever medium you're using ?? Oil, digital, etc... then that would be pretty cool. The stories inside the art are always great, anyway, just something I think is cool but certainly doesn't mean it is. Have fun and hope to get out there when I can

Anonymous said...

yeay for Jimi, congratulations!!