Aug 26, 2007

Day 5: Utah

I apologize for the lack of updates. I am not completely set up on my own computer, and I am still settling in.

I've done some artwork, mainly just drawings and practices. It will probably be late October or Early September before I am in a routine of posting new artwork.

Since I've arrived, I've just been helping on the ranch with some manual labor. It feels so good to sweat in the hot sun, to work with my hands, and work with the earth. For so many years, my daily routine encompassed sitting in front of a computer screen, and now it is with my hands and muscles that I do work.

The other day I helped Easton build a railroad tie and bedrock fence for his backyard. Callouses on my hands, sweat drenching the front of my shirt, dust covering my body like a layer of skin, horrendous sand boogers up my nose, and a sunburn on my face, felt much better than the feeling of becoming fatter and softer sitting in front of a computer in air conditioning. I've always felt a need to serve, maybe its because of my Christian upbringing, but here I feel that I am helping to accomplish someone else's dream while I am helping myself.

I am happy and content. At times, vans of young international travelers come through. Although I hate that they only stay for a night, because most times, I meet such interesting people that one night is a depressing thing when they leave the next day. Such as it is, I must learn to just enjoy the present. For so long, I desired so much to make people or things of a permanence in my life, although it is never meant to be. It is a good lesson. Living for now, not being scared of losing or for the future... From time to time, things stick on its own accord irreverent of normality, and if one is to be too concerned of the present, they neglect those things that could have a state of permanence in spite.

I love the simple life of no time and no defined responsibilities. Sometimes days go by when there is hardly anything to do, but to think and watch the sun rise and fall. Then at times we get busy on a project, build things, or serve the weary travelers that come to visit.

It is quiet most the times here, except for when the travelers visit. A rush like at a restaurant. A flurry of action, partying, laughing and merriment, then poof... back to the silence. Nothing but the lizards scurrying around, the wind blowing in the trees, and the occasional vehicle driving by on the interstate.


I get to work with the horses. Such wonderful animals. Curiously their brows wander up and down, as they look, surveying you as you brush the sweat dried from their sides where the saddles sit. Some are gentle, and stand, on occasion jiggling their massive forms of muscles from a tickle from the brush or to rid their body of the pesky flies.

Sometimes, a curious one will nudge you with his snout, or lips, soft like velvet, sniffing you to find out who you are, playful at times, looking for some affection, or some communication from this alien being.

They are all quite obedient. I put the halter on and they follow easily to their posts. Interesting that a more powerful animal would be so willing to serve a small creature as myself.

The paragraph below is most important, and poignant.

Jokingly, they have some massive cocks, and massive poops, and when they pee, its is truly like a fire hydrant expelling water at horrendous volumes.


I am happy here. I never doubted the solitude would bother me. I suppose I miss my friends, but they are all a call or email away. I have never been so alone, but yet so alive.

I will post more hopefully if anyone really cares to read. I suppose its probably just my parents now... and if so, I appreciate and love you for the upbringing that allowed me the ability to work and save money to experience this freedom. Without your diligent parenting, I would certainly not have been able to achieve this great experience of growth and self actualization.

Cheerio friends and family.

Love and Peace.



Shana said...

It's not just your parents reading

I am overjoyed to hear about your experiences (the physical ones and the emotional ones). You sound healthy.

You know this, but I'm very proud of you and the decisions you've been making. Something to aspire to, my friend.

Be well

Anonymous said...

Yo Jimiyo!
I totally understand where you're coming from about the manual labor. I've been working nonstop on my car lately...getting it ready for OUR big move. I've been sweating and grease covered for a week. And...I love it. To work hard does make one feel alive after so much sedentary life. Also, you are missed on the myspace...rumor has it that you deleted your profile and I've seen one bulletin in particular asking about your whereabouts. Her name is Sarah...she contacted me to ask where you went. Save me a horse poop.