Jul 27, 2007

Day Whatever: Statistics

Fern Canyon - Redwood Forest - After a 4 miles drive on gravel and sharp curves, I reached a hiking point. Before the ocean receded, the canyon was full of water, but now it is full of fallen redwoods and a stream running through it. Ferns cover the sides of the canyon like a blanket. It was probably on the top 3 of the most beautiful places I have been on my trip.

Cape Ferrelo View Point - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE thus far. It was on the coast of Oregon. Rolling mountains of wheat receding into the sea broken by the occasional cluster of greenery and brush. On the coast, the waves relentlessly broke away at the raw exposed rock creating a gray and black beach. I couldn't reach the shore. It seemed so close, and I tried but the landscape was bewilderingly complex to traverse. There came a fork in the path that had been laid out on the viewpoint. One was worn, the other had grown over and was barely visible. I took the one less traveled. Waist high wheat and prickly things covered the path, but I continued.

SUddenly I saw a blue thing.... soon I realized it was a urn and alter placed by the loved ones of someone who died. Someone of 17 years of age. Where the alter lay, it was atop a rolling hill overlooking the large monuments of gray rock being whittled away by the crashing waves. It was sunny, a mild 70 degrees, but a strong wind blew the wheat or at least tall grassy plant to and fro.

It was the most beautiful place, I have seen thus far...

A few memoirs were placed around the alter. One that said "Our family chain has been broken..."

Another that lamented "If I were to be able to build a staircase from my tears, I would be with you in Heaven..."

I sat there, wishing I believed that God existed in my mind. That maybe that the family and friends of this young man would eventually be with him... but then as I looked over the landscape, and the seascape, I could not.

The alter seemed more a wish for those that lost him, that eventually that they would be with him again, but it seemed a trite and vain plea for something that would never be... A desire for explanation or absolution or a reason or consellation...

For a moment, I felt as if that the view, so beautiful, was created and placed by God, but then, just as the boys life was taken, it seems to me that God takes an inactive approach in life. Nature does its works, and people die, people thrive and things keep going with reason... without Gods hand... at least to me it seems. I supposedly have many more years to live before I die... Maybe he will show me things differently... I dont know anything except that I know nothing....

Regardless... it was the most beautiful place I have ever experienced. If ever I visit any place again... that place will be the one place I will want to see again.

Oregon Dunes - I drove up the Oregon and California coast, probably my favorite drive of the trip. Although its quite curvy and time consuming the state parks hidden along the coast make it well worth it.

Oregon, BTW, has these mountains made of sand. The end.

I stopped at Port Redding Oregon. I had to get a hotel room since all the camping sites had been overrun by ATV and Motorbike riders of young age... (6-21) for Dune week.

In the motel/hotel, was a Gideon bible but on top of it laid a Teaching of Buddha bible. It was most interesting... It was in Japanese and English. I like Buddism. Im not Buddhist, nor Christian, but in all things I do see good and right things. You can make so many collaries between the two and actually most all religios beliefs, but it seems most have the common belief that the things we desire are things that cause unhappiness and failings. Sins, desires, etc....

Sea Lion Caves. 13 miles from Florence above Coos Bay, was the Sea Lion Caves. A cave within the cliffs where sea lions wail and stink up the place. It was moderately interesting. A bull sea lion will have a harem of 10-20 female sea lions in the mating season... Go sea lion BULL!!!!!

They stink.

I was in Port Redding, someone was talking about the heat wave... it apparently reached 75 degrees. HEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

I am now in Eugene Oregon. Hippie Granola city. The hostel is very nice. THere was a couple bands playing in the back yard with free food, free music, and free beer! How rad is that. I seriously felt out of place though. All men had shaggy or long hair. Very Unkept like they just woke up after a hard night of partying or smoking dope... and so did the women, but with just a little bit more style. Very stylish, like thye had all bought their clothes form the second had shop. All shirts if worn were tattered like the people actually had it for a few years. I actually kinda like it compared to the over primped visage that most city folk have, but both have a pretentious vibe to it.

They had a "art walk" with a few people hanging their work. I listened as they talked about how other people paint to make a living and sell out, while they just paint with their hearts and what they want...

I dont mean to be a prick, but their shit sucked, and what made it worse is that by the virtue of doing what they felt and liked, they had some creedance. None of the work showed any skill... maybe some feelings if you could glaze over the very poor childish craftsmanship. It sucked balls... seriously. If only they knew what I did, they'd probably be all about this stranger wallflower, but thats vain to say. I apologize. Their art did suck.

There seems to be a plenty of hitchhikers on the West coast. I dont know if they are running from the law.

Wildlife Safari - A 600 acre safari that you drive thorugh and look at animals. FUNNNNNN! It was alright. I saw many animals just chillin.

As I passed the elk I saw the dominant Elk with the 10+ point antlers. I took pictures of it... As I drove on I saw an Elk with only a few points. I said

"I aint takin pcitures of you chump, you dont have over 10 horns."

He didnt cry, so maybe there is hope that he will be a strong and powerful Elk one day.

- "Daddy, carry me!"
"Not right now."
"But yourrrr strong!"

In Oregan, ALL gas stations are FULL Service. I dont like it. Ive pumped full for myself for the last XX years, its weird to have someone else do it. I feel its akin to having someone hold your peepee while you pee... and then... and then... you have to tip them..... One attendant had been working a long day. I handed him my debit card, he tried to slide through the gasoline hole for a moment til he realized what he was doing....


I have driven over 6000 miles on my trip.
I have spent over $1500 plus on the trip, excluding the $1500 rent and electricity prepayment I dropped bfore I left.
Over the last year, I have kissed about 5 girls. They were all drunk. Apparently I am much more desirable when girls are drunk.... ;) An ephiphany I reached todya while driving.
I have 6 minutes on the internet before I have to pay some more at this hostel.

Other thoughts....

I have no other thoughts... I had a good funny one, but it escaped me...


Eric said...


?!gniog ti si woH .olleh ta em dah ouY !od ot drah yllaer si sihT .won pots ll'I.

Miss ya man... 5 girls eh?


Gaby said...

hey man what's up? Nice work dude. question how did you transfer the
"Virgin Mary" piece with all the roses and one wing onto the wood?