Jul 13, 2007

Day 6: Sedona and Grand Canyon

I dont have much time so the description will be short.


I took a short trip down a serpentine road of 7% grade. Depending on one's disposition it would be either fun or scary. I found it to be slightly intimidating.
Sedona was quite much an expensive tourist town with alot of Indian and Western type art. I would not recommend Sedona, but the 10-15 miles downhill run was quite an experience.

I didnt get to go to Slide Rock which was on the way there. That seemed like a good place to swim. Canyon rocks to lay out on, a river to swin in...

The area would be great for those who are looking to camp though.

Grand Canyon

Awe inspiring. What more can one say? It was however very touristy so I was not able to have any transcendatal experiences or ephiphanies as I sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking the canyon. There were so many people around that it was hard to escape.

The GC would also be great for those who are looking to camp. It's hard to experience oneness with the canyon unless you are to actually hike into it. My roommates from London did just that. Although I think it was much more strenuous than they had anticipated.

Beyond that, a great experience! The morning of Day 7, I woke up and decided to give away the t-shirts I had brought of my design away. I got a picture with me and the two London roomies wearing all the same shirt. Its quite, silly.

Now I can truly say that my shirts are all around the world. London, Japan, France, Australia, etc etc.

I saw some Japanese fellows, and I was able to tell them in Japanese that I was giving the shirts away. They were timid even though I was speaking in their language. They said, my Japanese, was not so bad. ;) sweet!

I said goodbye to my sister friends and left for Moab Utah.

I have pictures, but again I am without access to a good computer.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad to hear that Sedona is that way...we wanted to stop over there and possibly ride the site seeing train that travels out of a near by town.