Jun 8, 2007

Quick Loss of Focus and Back Again

I have some amazing crazy good friends, if it were not for them, seriously, I would be a crazy person. Ash and Shana... xoxox. Much Love.

It is so easy to lose focus sometimes. Although this round of losing focus was not really that long, maybe just a day or two... It was good though, because for a second I felt like running away from my plans, with no final destination. A short lapse of judgement though has resulted in some certain discoveries. I really think I might do the road trip thing. I talked about doing it two years ago. I have a tomtom Navigation system on order after testing one out last week... BTW FRIGGIN AWESOME. Now I just need to order a decent laptop so I can blog and post pictures while Im going across the states...

(If I dont do it again this time around, Ill be a loser for just being a talker. Im posting my thoughts in hopes that you guys will encourage it if I start backing out.)

BTW... If you have friends that may allow me to crash or shower out in different states, let me know! :)

I know, I've blogged about this before but this is my inspiration. Guy working in front of computer all day, saved up money, quit his job, used his money to travel round the world, and dance like a fool.



Shana said...

Dude..you are a MUCH better dancer than this guy. (You'd think he would have picked up some fly moves in his travels, right?)

Love you too, my friend.

Kathy said...

Hey there J-yo! I think you should GO FOR IT! There is a guy from Texas on one of my motorcycle forums that did the exact same thing. He has almost 5000 replys and 999,000 hits on his blog. Its a great read if you have the time. Might help you plan.


Glad you are doing well! Kathy