Jun 11, 2007

Children - Voting is a Sham.

I was in my monthly craft show where I sell my tees. My fellow crafter friend has three daughters, ranging from 9 to 14 years old. (approx.)

Admist my deep conversations with them in regards to if I was a loser and a doodoo head or something of the like, I asked them if they know who Al Gore was, as I was going to sing praises of him.

Here's the conversation as follow, I've shortened it for your reading pleasure.

(daughters = 9 and 11 years old? in unison)

;j - Do you know who Al Gore is?
daughters - Who?
;j - Al Gore?
daughters - Who?
;j - Al Gore?
daughters - Who?
;j - ...(pause)...Al Gore?
daughters - Who?
;j - Al Gore?
daughters - Who?
;j - The guy who invented the internet.
daughters - Who?
;j - Im trying to plant seeds for his future election as President.
daughters - Who?
;j - Well... It doesnt matter anyways, voting wont make a difference. You cant make a difference. Voting is a sham.
daughter - what?
;j - Voting is useless. You CANT ROCK the vote.


Their mother is doing a great job instilling an entrepreneurial spirit by letting them sell rice crispies treats, water and lemonade... TOTAL RIP OFF BTW, $4 for a water and a rice crispie treat. WTF?!? :)

So they were saying some pretty impressive things...

"We're gonna grow up as business owners, entrepreneurs, and make lots of money. We are gonna be artists!"

To which my reply was... "Oh no, you shouldnt be an artist. It's a sad life of loneliness and hurt!"


Which they both started to repeat and question... I feel I did well to undermine their mothers hard work of planting good seeds.

Also I had asked them if they had business insurance just in case I choked on their rice crispie treats...


*** Disclaimer: Voting does help... I guess, never done it. And I dont view an artists' life as a loneliness and hurt. I can't imagine Bob Ross was ever lonely and sad with his happy clouds and what not... ;j


Anonymous said...

well, I think that the mother is a very smart women - teaching here daughters that you don't need a man to survive, but they can be good to have around sometimes........ for certain things, tasks, so forth.

and the pricing was pretty good considering at most sporting events you pay $4.00 for just the water, but it was $ 1.00 for water
an additional $1.00 if you would like to add a flavor such as Koolaid, lemonade or crystal light,
then the rice crispy bars which were large portions at roughly around 3 x 4 and 1.5 inches thick were $2.00 each or 2 for $3.00 - so WTF?!? ;p

also don't ever undermine a mother because they will get back at you threefold!

just like the mother of these 3 daughters was gotten back by her mother for being trouble as a teenager - having three daughters that have a lot of her in them... and will all be teenagers shortly at the same time...


jimiyo said...

i apologize if i offended you. i was being slightly sarcastic. and i would like for you to know that the kids really like me. i think its because i treat them as adults as much as i treat them as children. i showed up at the craft show and they came running exclaiming "JIMIYOOOOO!" how cool is that?

i admire the mother. i think she is doing a great job teaching them business acumen. i purchased their water and rice crispies. i also helped them sell to a man walking by their booth. so no worries yo.

Anonymous said...

no worries,
i was being sarcastic as well.
guess a difference of sense of humor.
i know these girls that you speak of and they do speak very fondly of you.
i have heard that the mom thinks your pretty cool too!

;j too!