Apr 9, 2007

My Own Collection of Foolish (Pessimistic?) Wisdom... & THANKS!

Thank you to all of you who read my blog. There's actually only a few of you, but all of you are precious. It makes me feel like I have some, SOME, kind of purpose in the world.

Specificially, Mike M, Shana, My Parents, RICK! and Im sure Im missing a few of you of which I am unaware.

Now.. Here's foolishness...
My Own Collection of Foolish (Pessimistic?) Wisdom

1. There are people in the world who are mentally abnormal. I used be unaware of this, but even seemingly normal and attractive people are really good at hiding the crazies.
2. In a similar vein, there are many unapologetic people in the world who seem very charming and kind, who are blatant liars and do everything to benefit themselves and themselves only. If they act as if they are trying to help someone else out, it's totaly bullshit, to look good, or just a very temporary attempt at kindness. They arent going to change. People lie.
3. If you get approached to do pro bono work for EXPOSURE, forget it... I once got my work on the front page of a major website, and it did nothing for me. Certainly it increased my traffic, but unless the work is super insane good and becomes viral, you wont benefit much. They also said they would compensate me with free products, I never heard from them again. I actually cant remember when ANYONE who was able to help me out better than I could myself. Ive never paid for anyone to help me either... like an agent. I've heard even those are rarely a good source for income. Most people, if they approach you, are not as talented as you are. They are looking to bandwagon on their percieved image of your success.
4. You get what you pay for. Things acceptable to be purchased at the dollar store: Cleaning supplies and chemicals are OK. Do not buy towels, generic qtips, generic aluminum foil or generic saran wrap. Trash bags, being of a certain thickness are OK.
5. The media sets the agenda. I dont watch tv, listen to the radio, or rarely read online news, so I am unconcerned with wars being fought for some big wigs agenda in a faraway land. Nor am I aware of such atrocities or crimes that are one in a million, that the media seems to salivate over. Kill your TV.
6. If you do kill your main source of media, for the first few weeks, you will find other useless things to occupy your time. Like Snood, or Freecell.
7. People, in general, want things that are hard to get. Dont undersell or spread yourself too thin. Know your value. Dont let someone falsely judging you to be vain undermine your true value.
8. When you point a finger, many fingers will point back.
9. Most people dont like to take blame. As they say, Shit rolls downhill. Especially in a work environment. If some comes rolling down on you, if is your fault or even if it isnt, eat it. Dont be a little whimp and try to deflect it. Someone is just trying to vent frustration. Pinpoint the problem. Stop the bitching. Fix the problem. THE END. (This may not work in the vicious sharp-elbowed corporate environment. In corporate, it is truly about who you know, more than how hard you work, befriend and work to make the boss look good and he will promote you... most likely, unless he just likes someone else...)
10. Most people just want to be heard. Listen. Dont be thinking about what to say in rebuttle. It makes for a wasted chance for a true exchange of ideas.
11. Anger, sadness, most negative emotions usually arise from the fear of the unknown, or despair caused by an worried imagination.
12. Learn forgiveness. This is just actually on my to do list. I dont know how.
13. Shift-Ctrl-Alt-N creates a new layer without dialogue in Photoshop. Shift-Ctrl-Alt-E creates a layer of all visible layers without dialogue in Photoshop. NICE!
14. More people are just as lonely as you are. Most people have issues that tear at their heart just as you. All of mankind is an island.
15. Law of large numbers... works with everything. Selling, getting a date, finding a four leaf clover, doing a good piece of art, etc. MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK.
16. Save for retirement on your own. Social Security, if existent, will only pay for someone to change your diaper and turn you over in your bed to avoid bedsores maybe once a day if you are lucky, in case you become incapacitated in old age. Now if you save for retirement and long term health care, you can look forward to being turned several times a day, and you can poop and pee yourself all you want as long as the money is there. Young people dont care about old people. Young people dont like to see the future.
17. Restaurants will make you fat. Also, most are unclean. I worked in the kitchen at a couple restaurants. Provided that the product would be fried, or otherwise heated to a high temperature, if dropped on the floor, it would just get rinsed with water then used. Mmmmm Mmmm! What do you care, if you eat fast food, you think those small wage workers give a hoot about cleanliness? Touching money, picking boogers, adjusting their sweaty hats. Though I always ask, IF I WAS HOMELESS, would I eat it? The answer is usually yes.
18. No matter how low you may feel, how horrible your life may be... there always someone else whos experiencing a lot greater pain. Power through it. The sun shines on one day, and it rains another.
19. People who judge, absolutely HATE to be judged themselves. Or maybe its backwards, people who HATE to be judged, usually judge alot. Probably the latter.
20. Work out an budget. I use Excel. If you dont have a budget, youre irresponsible, and you'll ALWAYS have money problems.


Shana said...

Thanks for the shout-out, but you know I don't know how to read.

Melissa said...

I am a new reader - it brings me out of the insanity for a bit while at the office. Although most of your list is pessimistic - I think most of it is true. As for restaurants - you should read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.