Apr 26, 2010

Aspiration List

1. Build a vector/vexel business.
2. Legitimate gallery shows.
3. Build online community.
4. Mentor young artists.
5. Teach artists. Maybe teach classes, or tutor.
6. Get teeth whitened.
6a. Lasik surgery.
7. Write an educational book or ebook.
8. Paint 5-10 acrylic/oil paintings.
9. Build business that provides for family.
10. Write articles for major publications.
11. Get printed in major publications.
12. Visit Europe or where ever all the Master art is.


13. Eat good. Sleep. Work. Hike.


Brad Blackman said...

And to give you some pressure, what's your timeline? *evil grin*

See Clear said...

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christine stephenson said...

Hi I wish you look and hope you succeed in all you wish for good look xxx