Mar 14, 2010

Leaving California: T Minus 16 Days

"I got half a mind to die, so I won't ever have to say Goodbye."

I hadn't looked at the calendar til yesterday. Actually, I saw it on Philip's iPhone as he asked me when I was leaving. I was hanging out with the few good friends I've made in the short time I have been in California. Philip, Alvin, Annie, Priscilla. I suppose at that precise moment I saw the blue highlighted date on the calendar is the when the fact that Im moving was made much more apparent mentally.

T minus 16 days.

It seems I've gone thru life leaving alot of things after I got to appreciatin them. But really, I don't think you fully appreciate things until you look back after a while, and can look at it fondly in memory. Shinin there like a big ole light or lighthouse leadin your way to bigger and better things knowing that great things do exist.

The sacrifice of leaving California are the friends I have made. Thankfully, they are computer savvy, and a plane ticket to CA isn't that much. I will see all of you soon! AZN-Con FTW.

Although it hurts sometimes to leave things, I feel like I take the best parts away with me when I go about life that way.

Always moving forward even if it hurts.


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Good luck jimi.