Mar 16, 2010

Endorsement: Exodus Three Twelve Apparel

I recently got a copy of Our Lady of Hollywood from Exodus Three Twelve.

I think it will be my new favorite shirt! In the last year, the art came through and, and although we all loved the art, we decided not to print as the art was not condusive to our demographic. I am glad to see it get printed. The art is by Ellsswhere, super talented artist.

The product is printed on 70% bamboo. If you have not felt a bamboo shirt, it's amazing. It's softer than American Apparel, ringspun, or most any tshirt fabric you have ever touched. It typically pretty expensive too, but well worth it. Bamboo has a very heavy yet soft feel to it. Even if you don't get one from Exodus Three Twelve I recommend a bamboo shirt for lounging just to try them out. It'll be worth your dollars.

The print color is subdued, and not a heavy hand. I don't like bold print so this is just perfect for me.

I typically wear a XL in American Apparel so when it shrinks it will fit just right. I haven't washed this shirt, which is a Large, but the sizing is similar to AA. Im hoping it wont shrink. I doubt it will though. The other blank bamboo I have never has. Bamboo is usually pretty stretchy as so no problem.

The shirt came with a large sticker of the design.

I recommend it!

Exodus Three Twelve:Use code "FAVOR" for free DOMESTIC SHIPPING through Sunday, March 21, 2010.

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BryanOmega said...

We have marked the remaining shirts down to $12.00.