Jan 1, 2010

Share your Wisdom

Happy New Years!

In looking to the future, I suppose many people wonder what will happen and wish for insight on how to properly go about making the new year a success.

I am looking for insights, advice, etc, on how to live a fulfilled life. I found myself asking "What will I do for the next 30 years," as I approach my 33rd year.

If you have any wisdom to impart to me and the reading audience, please comment. You can do so anonymously.

I am somewhat looking for advice from those older than I, who by years have had more experience.

What has given you fulfillment in your life?

Any advice or comment is appreciated, even if it's just a silly one like,

To clean microwaves, take a wet rag, microwave for 1 minute. The steam loosens the sticky, and the hot rag will clean up the rest.



intolerable said...

I hike. Hiking can present a physical challenge, gets one outside connecting with nature and it's just plain rewarding getting to a summit and be able to look down on the world around you.

thestray said...

Thanks for the microwave cleaning tip!

Anonymous said...

My advice is to show compassion for all beings, live each day as if it were you last and find the spiritual path that is right for you.
Happy New Year!
Pam Ludwick

Anonymous said...

i dont really have much advice, but i would like to say that reading your blog and following your art has inspired me to try and do more. To branch out of the art i do for work and do more for myself.

Ive made big changes and they are helping. i moved away from where i was comfortable and have finally set up shop and i hope to do a lot more art this year.

some of that i have to say think you to you for being some of my inspiration.

oh and i got the stickers today! there awesome!

Mike M

Anonymous said...

lets just say you have been an inspiration in my designing career, i never thought i could create something that the world would love and want. i have never believed much about my skills and yet there i was promoting every single art i made, thanks to you..the only advice i could think of is continue inspiring young artist and share the spotlight like you always do...because with that generosity the reflections you share will keep your soul at gleam and your work be remembered forever...
cheers and happy new year!


thestray said...

Hey, saw this video, Steve Jobs talking about how to live before you die, reminded me of this blog...


Anonymous said...

oh jimi dear, you so need the zen of surfing.
that, or drive down the hill and visit my gramma once a week or something.

Anonymous said...

Surround yourself with good people. Friends you can rely on are truly more valuable than any other resource.

Anonymous said...

"Wherever you go, you will always be there"

How about some real wisdom instead of fortune cookie speak?

I have been doing "art" type jobs since graduating in 91.

An ad agency (closed), a printed label company (got downsized), and two screen print shops.

Currently I have been at the most recent screen print shop 10 years this past May.

I am 42 and ready for a change alhough I still dont know what that may be. Tired of the small town games.

I think when you (at least me) turn 40 you become aware that these people (owners) know nothing of running a business so it gets frustrating as the art person to be blamed for their lack of leadership skills.

They are also blind to financial opportunities while being hosed by customers who take advantage of them over and over when its so obvious of the bad customers.


* do start if you havent already a savings account even if its only a thousand dollars

* take care of your health. Eat right , exercise and all of that

* I agree with the above post, do surround yourself with good people that help to inspire you and keep in touch with people even if you move or whatever. You never know, you may have to call on them one day for a contact or a favor

* make sure you are doing art because it is your true passion and not with the hope of getting rich or famous. I have become a film jockey and not an artist as I thought I should be years ago.

Well thats enuf.

You have done really well moving from TN, traveling and being where you are today.

You actually have done what you set out to do and that means a lot

You have grown as a person and in your art.

I wish the best for you!

theinfinityloop said...

This is late, but here it is anyway. Also, I'm not older but I'm your same age at least. I've also been through two divorces and like, 8 identity crises so I basically feel like I'm 62.

This is one thing I'm currently training myself to do: When/if in conflict, hold on to the things that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that are YOU. Like the things you've known since you were a kid. If you stay in touch with yourself, you'll be strong and in turn, fulfilled. I'm prone to rely on other people's validation and trying to please them, etc. But after years of doing that, I barely even know who I am, lol. Anyway, you might be like, well duh, but there's my two cents. As always, great blog, Jimi.