Jul 9, 2009

Newsom Portrait Update

I updated it. The last 10% seems to be the most difficult, cause I can adjust it easily, and the changes are all subtle, but noticeable to me. It's also annoying how it looks different on every monitor.


GuyEatsOctopus said...

Pretty rad, whats with the hummingbird? Did you use an image as a reference for the girl or is this from scratch? A friend of mine mentioned to me "the left side of her face is as wide as the right side, and since it should be turning backwards, it should be more narrow. we should see the eyeball as an edge." Just curious. Keep up the rad work!

kat said...


i thought you were gonna do me sometime. not do, but draw.

jimiyo said...

guy: hummingbird. her lyrics are full of wilkd imagery, birds, canaries, vessels, balloons, etc.

referenced. not traced though.

kat: ha. do you. ive always wanted to do that... i checked the photos of you i had the other day even before you posted. i just dont have any that i can build a good portrait off.