Jul 27, 2009

New Design WIP & Other stuff

Lots of stuff has been happening. Maybe if I ever get the time to write, I'll update the blog with words. Went to Disneyland. For those of you that know about Threadless, and Designbyhumans, this is an entertaining photo.

Got my TomTom stolen. A few weeks ago I had stopped locking my car door as an experiment. Took about three weeks for the incident to occur.

Still living without internet at home. It's much more productive it seems.

It's good to let go of work almost totally when I leave work. Without the internet, there are some difficulties, but nothing that makes not having it not worth it.

New design! Im excited about this one. It's really flowin more than my usual stuff, and it's alot more free.


artulo said...

Nice work on the WIP; Shimala looks like he wants to bust you up :D

jimiyo said...

ha. naw, he was very low key and friendly. also very tall. i was actually standing on 300 warriors he had felled before i got up to the top to shake his hand.

Rob said...

Great design, with awesome detail!!!

alanbernard said...

I've sorely missed your updates bro... hope everything is aye ok! :)

RickM said...

Great design. I really like your work. If you're available for hire please send me your contact info.

RickM said...

If you do freelance or contract work, please contact me at rikmax@aol.com