Jun 22, 2009

No Internet #8 - Brain Vomit

Speaking with Matt the other day, we were talking about how people can take a small obstacle, and make it a reason, rather an Excuse, to not accomplishing their goals.

Jimi: "I mean, that aint right, I've seen one dem Olympic athletes that ain't got no legs who have dem bendy.... Spatulas running like dis,"

I started pretend running, throwing out my gate in the awkward bounciness characteristic of those persons with special spring like prosthetic legs that look like minotaurs or upright goat legs.

"Hey, here's you some flapjacks and some eggs fool!"
I said kicking out my legs as if to flip imaginary hotcakes and sunny sides up as if I were the fast order cook at Waffle House.

They ain't makin no excuses... they flip burgers while running a marathon!

Ah, slapstick. Good times, good times. It was the best laugh I've had in a few weeks.

Often times, people tell me to stop working so hard.

Maybe I should start going around telling people to work harder.

I've been trying to find ways to find more time.

I've decided to leave my car doors unlocked. I live in Orange County. Everyone drives a BMW or Mercedes. Who's going to steal from my dirty tin can?

Wise words from Method Man on how to obtain true allegiance of a man:

"Back when I was nuttin', you made a brotha feel like he was somethin'. That's why I'm wit' you to this day, Boo, no frontin'."

Although motivational books will tell you to treat and believe in someone as what they could become, and they will escalate to your expectiations, I think this is just a general rule because there are some people out there who are total douchebags and will not escalate to anything but to fulfill their own selfish needs.

Just sayin...

I spent $27 on a feeder and some red Kool Aid for some neighborhood hummingbird, and I said to the clerk,

"Instead of giving money to the homeless or needy, Im going to feed some birds, because birds are much cooler."

The feeder worked. The hummingbirds come withint 5 feet of my head while I'm reading my books on the patio.

Their wing flapping sounds and feels like when you get a rush in your heart.

The hummingbird drank a few sips, and zipped away. He said, "Thanks Mang!"

Obvious facts need to be reiterated regardless of how simple and visible people might think it is.

Our perception of truth is highly dependent upon the truth being set as an agenda in our minds.

Silly examples that can be applied to more worthy examples.


A regular soda has approximately 120-180 calories.
120-180 calories a day a year over the standard intake, will make you fat.


A soda costs 75 cents from the machine. A soda a day for a week is $3.75, the price of a 12 pack, which includes 7 more than purchased. We buy the soda for 75 cents though, although we might discriminate between a a quarter or two when making buying decisions at the grocery.

Regardless of value systems, it really comes down to money, power, status, and beauty doesn't it? (Maybe intelligence, but rarely.) It seems the traits that seem to be indicative of 'success' by societal norms are what's truly valued contradictory to truisms or religious doctrines may proliferate.


The other day, someone wrote me an email, and it addressed me as "Jimmy," and I felt rush of pleasant nostalgia.

I started signing my name "jimi" in 2004, and from it, arose an artist persona. Though both "jimi" and "Jimmy" are the same person, it seems "Jimmy" represents a more simpler time, a more true persona of whoever this Jimmy Benedict was or used to be. Although my legal name is James, Jimmy is the name my parents gave me, and I grew up with as my identity.

I am not famous, but I am on the internet, which allows for more than the normal amount of people to surmise as they wish what may be my personality.

Nowadays, jimi, or jimiyo, is an identity that I promote as my persona, but in truth, it is only the streamlined artist persona I proliferate as my persona.

It is interesting that the more people know me, the more less people really know Jimmy, and just more of this jimiyo personality.


I furrowed my brow and raised my voice in frustration the other day at work.

I hate getting angry because once I reach the boiling point, it's with great intensity that it's unleashed. It's typically not directed towards a specific person, and even during an intense, near bipolar expression of disappointment, I will revert back to normality and apologize DURING THE VENT to the person who might be in line of the destructive cycloptic, super efficient, focused laser beam of anger.

I am uncertain why anger causes me great distress. It causes an equivalent degree of sadness so overwhelmingly intense it requires a great degree of control not to break down and cry at the same time, as what is anger but a small degree of a primal feeling of wanting to destroy without regard?


When in the public eye, it is important not to be reactive, or sometimes even pay ANY attention to the jeers of the public.

If the jeers of the public were truly valid, they themselves would be the proliferaters of a product, service, or message.

They would actually be in a position of power where their opinion really matters. Most likely their lives don't allow that sense of control, and to compensate they have to vomit it all over the internet where ever it might be seen.

My parents are really nice, down to earth people. I feel really fortunate cause I'm moderately nice, and down to earth because of them.

I'm starting to think that most people had crappy parents, and that's why most people are dicks.

People need to stop reproducing and stop the endless cycle of making dickheads.

And I need to start reproducing. jk.


I miss you...



Never trust an ass kisser, a Southern female leasing office personnel, or a salesperson.

Found an eyebrow hair about an inch long pointing outwards from the hedgerow at
a 45 degree/10 o'clock angle. Also found a white nose hair. All points to me
getting old and cranky.


Downstairs neighbor. Newborn baby cries. Curry cooking stinks. TV too loud. Phone converstaions too loud. Please close your windows.

None of this matters.


kat said...

I hope you don't go back and "EDITED" this because your last post was so great and then I went to refresh my memory of your insight and half of it was gone.

I only met you after jimiyo, but I feel like I know jimmy. Could this be?

<3 you too.

eric said...

I miss you to, bro.