Jun 1, 2009

$10 Jimiyo Shirt on American Apparel YUM!

Buy it before it's gone, which will be about... 3-4 weeks.



Modqaud said...

3-4 weeks? Woot is one day only...and if you are lucky, you get to buy them if they get voted for & make it to the day of reckoning.

jimiyo said...

$10 first day.
$15 until it gets reckoned, which for my designs takes 2-4 weeks cause wooters dont prefer artsy fartsy.

You talking to a former wooter here. I know what Im talking about.

Modqaud said...

There have been several of the cooler shits on Woot that were sold out by the time I was able to check my RSS feeds & see what the shirts of the day are on the sites I frequent. But yes, I know some of them stick around.....but I wasn't sure if they just reprinted them, thus the up-charge or if they were surplus. Either way, in some cases, I was thankful for the reckoning because I didn't check on the day they came out :)