May 16, 2009

Life is like Road Rage Kinda: Be the Unaffected Victim

An irreverent and ornery driver cuts you off endangering your life, and to put a cherry on top, flips you the middle finger.

Your choice:

Road Rage and go all vigilante on their ass and lay on your horn and tail gate them! You obviously were following the law, going the speed limit, maybe even going faster to allow for more space between the cars so the upcoming a-hole driver in the rear view could pass more easily.

If only you were Warthog, and Life was like Twisted Metal II...

Or the prudent choice,

You just let them zoom by, and daydream that a few miles down the road, that their self destructive nature ends up causing them to wrap themselves around a tree. Poor tree...

I'm sure all of you have experienced this if you drive.

Most of the time, the person who wronged you is miles down the road, but you let it ruin your whole day, you simmer about it, you think about it, HOW AUDACIOUS THAT M-----RRRR!!!! (That's a censored expletive, not a pirate sound.)

In the meanwhile, that person who cut you off and flipped you a bird is living life, unaffected, leaving you to wallow in your anger, unless you just let it go.

Take all that anger and spit it out, and forget that it ever happened...

After such a transgression, you can either be the accomplice, or be the Unaffected victim.

There will be nothing solved by Reacting only harm done when you let those things that do not matter control you indirectly by consuming your productive time and mental well being.

That is how Life is like Road Rage, at least to me.


Many things have occurred since I moved to California to work for DBH and TF.

It's actually been quite overwhelming at times, but I suppose it is exactly what I've always wanted. I am not speaking about a job, a title, or the salary. I am speaking more a situation in which I can become a better man, a better person.

The position has become more than just choosing good art. It has quickly surpassed such clearly defined tasks to encompass more ambiguous roles that require me to make decisions or have opinions that affect the direction of the companies as well as affect individuals in direct connection to our business dealings.

It seems that my judgments are not confined to just art. And... in analysis, it somewhat suits me personality type. (INTJ: Test, Definition, Career)

It is a somewhat daunting place to be, to be given authority even if it's just to have your opinion valued...

Not only are your decisions or opinions going to directly affect situations, if they do not fair well, you will be held accountable to a higher degree.

Wait, I've been noodling on this blog too long, I need to move on to laundry and painting... Let me cut to the chase...

I Dont Mind Having My Ass on the Line.

I make decisions, I have opinions, I work my ass off to be accountable and do what is beyond necessary to help others as it is my nature to strive for the longer term result than immediate gratifacation. I try to give more than what I take, and there's a hella people out there that aren't on the level.

AND I am willing to be put under the same scrutiny and observation, as I strive to be a better man than yesterday, and if I be incorrect, I look forward to correction.

I am now done being affected, and am returning to my normal state. Laundry and Painting here I come.



Godmachine said...

'experience energy without being affected by it' is how you should deal with the world apparently. remember that and what you said next time someone says 'gay' in a chatroom. back to work.

theinfinityloop said...

Ahh, I missed your personal blog posts like these. :) I appreciate when people can open up and express their ponderings.

jimiyo said...


I was thinking, although somewhat Buddhist-Y, it has a hint of American bravado though doesnt it?

April :D

Thanks for reading. It is hard to put stuff like this out, cause it is truly putting your peace out and allowing people to judge you for it.

H-Train said...

I'm glad you didn't tailgate me after I cut you off and flipped you the birdie! That would have really made me angry! lol!

Yeah I have to agree with you on that.
If you get all puffy about it, it can ruin the rest of your day! no harm, no foul.

Although I did encounter a really scary driver just recently. While zipping into the tiny space front of me and behind another car, a crazy driver came within inches of tearing off my right front fender, plus I had to slam on my brakes because he closed the gap! I was angry but all I did was honk my horn
Then I thanked my lucky stars I was alert and went on about my day.

Thanks for sharing!

snarkygal said...

I'm proud to know you Jimi (well, in the internet sense LOL). It sounds like you have made a large step in the progression of life. DBH and TF are lucky to have you in their organization. You're a good man.

jimiyo said...

H-train :D you have some really awesome blogs. glad you commented, i havent visited for a long while. this was my fave.

snarkygal: I hope you're right! :D

H-Train said...

Thank you Jimi I love your blog! Keep up the good work. Are you in Back in Black 2? I glimpsed a flyer but haven't really looked at the details yet.

Mission Brainwash said...

Great Post Jimiyo!

Don't worry about the Overly Aggressive Drivers in the OC!...
They ain't nothin dude!..
Just be careful when your driving in and around Los Angeles area...
the Aggressive Drivers "mean it" and they will show it by doing a Drive by on yo arsse!!...I'm serious!.. ;)
Just enjoy the OC and have some Fun!...
Its really a great place with nice peoples!

John aka Endgame Clothing said...

I totally agree with your take on the Unaffected Victim. The problem also with getting pissed off at some driver is that it becomes a habit. Soon anger becomes your response to everything.

Glad things are going so well at DBH.