May 5, 2009

5 Ways to Make Your Mac Awesome!

5 Ways to Make Your Sucky Mac User Experience Awesome by Making it Work More Like a PC!

1. Why can't I Cut/Paste Files? Yeah, I said CUT, not copy, move, or make alias.

It should just work, but it doesn't. Here's a third party shareware update to add that functionality. Maybe they will have it when they make Scottish Fold Kitten OSX.

2. Why can't I rename multiple files in a folder all at once like Explorer does on a PC?! You shut up non conformist! Buy our expensive machines, they're pretty. You shouldn't be working with files anyways!

3. I sure do miss the simplicity of notepad.exe or wordpad.exe from the PC. (What? PCs come with two basic txt editors?) Textedit is major time teh suck. I guess I'll have to upgrade the most simple of utilities. At least the free upgrade is incredibly awesome! Thanks 3rd party developers!

4. iTunes such a memory hog. I sure do long for winAmp, the no frills, just start and it goes without trying to sell you crap mp3/sound/video player.

Cog is buggy, but it sure sticks it to the man who makes iTunes.

5. You would think that when I hit maximize, the window would maximize to the size of the monitor? WTF?!


I use both systems. Although I can't speak for Vista, a customized XP Professional is my preferred OS.

Here's something I think is incredibly awesome.

From most any browse command on a PC, say for example I am opening a file to send as an attachment, it automatically calls the regular PC explorers user interface...

I browse to the desktop and voila! The file I want to send is named oddly.

I can rename that file right then and there, while the program or browser is waiting for me to choose what file I want to send.

Small stuff like that that the OSX environment/finder does not have irritates the crap out of me. It's inefficient.


Also Closing a Window, does not mean, Closing a Window

Application window managment is ridiculously inefficient on the MAC.

If I minimize to the dock, but then I Alt Tab to the program, it doesn't recognize it. I have to specifically call it from the Dock. Frickin Idioctic!

If I have two windows of the same app open, ALT TAB... not your friend.

Also see #5 above.

It seems to me, that when simple issues like this or other issues arise, and I look for an answer, typically yes, there is an answer, but it's a complicated one.

Window management? Use Spaces or Expose.
File management? Get this plugin/tweak or just deal with it.

Fact is the Windows platform is still over 80% of the market share and has been largely been the platform of choice for many years.

That alone should tell you, more time to make the operating system more efficient and user friendly.

MACs are coming into their own, but I am not sold yet.


I complain with solutions Baby!

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